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 SMS Premium Server is a feature packed SMS system that allows SMEs and individuals to manage customer relationship in a way that is both efficient and low cost. It works for both English and Mandarin SMSes. 
 There is no bulky, costly and hard to operate machinery. Just a GSM modem the size of a thumb drive, and a small piece of software that runs on your Windows notebook or desktop PC. 
 The setup is simple. Insert a mobile phone SIM Card in the GSM modem, plug it into your computer and follow the installation guide at the end of this manual. In about 10 minutes, you are already SMS-enabled. 
 The interface is your familiar Windows interface. Setting up contact list is straight forward. You can upload/save your contacts from excel files  
 Contacts can be organised by groups. There is no limitation of the number of groups you can set up and no limitation on the number of groups any contact can belong to. When you send sms to all groups, there would be one and only one sms sent to each contacts even if some of them may belong to multiple groups.  
 Once the contact list is set up, with a few more mouse clicks, you can then sit back and watch how your SMS broadcast are being sent one by one with their respective names, and other information like bonus points, membership numbers etc of the customer. 
 All SMSes are scheduled to be sent at certain time slot. You can schedule your SMSes to be sent during day time, weekends etc to either maximize the effect of your advertisement or to avoid the irks of the recipients receiving it at any inconvenient time.  
 If any customer should respond with 'un', it would automatically mark the phone number as 'unsubscribed'. The system would then refrain from SMS broadcast to that number. 
 The SMS information kiosk is a feature that would automatically respond to customer's enquiry. Customer may ask about your operating hours, next promotion event or even his/her own accumulated bonus points. For every question you set up in the SMS information kiosk, you can also choose to respond only to phone numbers in your contact list or any number from the general public. 
 As like all other products from our company, there will be automatic updates to your copy of the software if it is run with internet connected. The updates are for both removing any remaining bugs and, more importantly, enhace the software subsequently with popular and exciting features. Early birds will get the added features free even if there is any subsequent price adjustment for those features 
 The main window of the server is as shown in the pictures above. There is a 'start' and a 'stop' button to start or stop the operation of the GSM modem. You may close the window and the server would run quitely in your system tray at the bottom right corner of your screen. In practice, there is hardly any need to show the window and most of the operations can be done using the context menu that would pop up if you right click on the server's icon in the system tray  
 The same context menu will pop up if you right click on the main window.  
 By clicking on the in queue/Out Queue number on the console, a window would pop up to show the received SMSes (In Queue) or the unsent SMSes (Out Queue). The in queue will be reset to zero when the system restarts although the SMSes are kept in a text file specified in the setting screen. The out queue are SMSes that are yet to be sent either because it is not time yet or the system was busy sending and have yet come around sending them.  
 Quick Start 
 After installation, click on "Setting" button and the following window would apear. 
 Registration NUmber: It is a 32 digit code that would be supplied to you by the vendor upon purchase of the product. You may cut and paste all the 32 digits or just key in the first 8 digits 
 ComPort:The virtual comport that the GSM modem is installed. If you are unsure, select the "Find Device.." option to scan your computer. (Please note that the GSM modem should be installed and plug in prior to the launching of this software. Otherwise, please close the software and start again. You can find the program on your Windows' "Start" menu. Click on the "start" button and look for the program under the program folder "Sparrow Business Systems and Services pte ltd")  
 SIM PIN: The pin number of your SIM card you have inserted into the GSM Modem. Leave it blank if there is no PIN required. Otherwise, please note that youhave only three wrong tries and the SIM card would be locked. You would need to contact your Mobile service provider of the SIM card to unlock it.  
 In SMS Logfile/OUt SMS LogfileText files to keep all incoiming and outgoing SMSes. Click the respective "browes" buttons to select the directory and the name of the files to keep these information. 
 Click "save" and all your settings will be saved. You need not set again in the subsequent use of the software as these values will be rememberred. 
 Managing Contacts 
 Click on the "Phone Book" button or select it from the context menu will display the window for managing contacts. The left hand side holds the groups while the right hand side shows the contacts in the groups that are selecred in the left hand pane. 
 The various buttons on the toolstrip are explained below: 
 By clicking the 'new' button, a window will pop up to enable a new record to be entered. Enter all the required information and click the 'Execute' button to save the record on your contact list.  
 The 'Phone Number' has to be unique in the contact list. If it is already in the contact list, the system would prompt you if you wish to replace the original contact in your contact list. By clicking 'yes', it would be replaced. By clicking 'No', only the additional group would be added to the record. And by clicking Cancel, the entry would be discarded and the original record in the contact list would remain unchanged.  
 The 'birthday' should be entered in the correct format and it is used to compute the age when you wish to send a "Happy Birthday" SMS. 
 By clicking on the heading of the 'Birthday' Column, the entries will be sorted in ascending/descending order of Month and Date. This is also useful for Restaurant type of operation as it can be used to store reservation date instead of birthday so that all reservations on the same date will be listed together. 
 The 'Remark1' to 'Remark6' is any personalized information you may wish to include in your mass SMSes. It could be reservation date and time of restaurant operation, or bonus point gained so far etc. 
 The default group is a blank field. You may enter the group name in it. If the contact belongs to more than one group, just click on the "Add New Group" button on the tool strip above the groups. A new entry would then be added. If you have entered repeated groups, it would be automatically removed before storing it into your contact list. 
 Editing Contacts 
 Right click on the row header of the contact and a window similar to adding new contact would pop up with all fields filled in with the information of the contact concerned. Change the content as required and click on the 'Execute' button. If you change the phone number and it belongs to anohter contact already on the list, the updating would be aborted.
 Please not ethat contacts edited would have its 'Unsub' field unchecked and 'Send' field checked. You may manually adjust it if need be.
 To delete any entry in the contact list, you must first click the 'del' check box on the left most column, then click the 'delete' button on the tool strip. Multiple entries can be deleted with a single operation by checking the 'del' checkbox of the entries to be deleted and then clicking the 'delete' button. Please note that if any contact has more than one group and its other group(s) is/are not selected, the contact would still remain in the unselected group(s). This operation would only delete it from the group(s) currently selected. 
 Delete All 
 By clicking on the 'DeleteAll' button, you can delete all the entries currently shown in the Contact list in a single operation. Similar to the delete operation, if any contact has more than one group and its other group(s) is/are not selected, the contact would still remain in the unselected group(s). This operation would only delete it from the group(s) currently selected. 
 Complete erase 
 'Complete Erase' works like the 'delete' button. However, the major difference is that the selected entries would be completely removed from the contact list regardless of its any other group(s) it belongs to is/are selected or not. 
 Save and Open 
 The contact list can be saved and reloaded using the 'save' and 'open' function on the tool strip. The output of the 'save' function is an excel file. It can be read in by the 'open' function subsequently.  
 After you click the 'save' button, a dialog box would appear and ask for the filename and the location it should be saved. Should the information on the software be lost for whatever reason, you can 'open' the saved file and load in the information again. 
 Please note that only contacts of the selected groups are saved. If you want to save all contacts, please select all groups by clicking the tick button at the bottom of the group panel. 
 To load an Excel sheet into the contact list , click on the 'open' button' on the tool bar. A window would open for you to select the Excel file. After selecting the file, a window would popup to ask for the 'sheet' name of the contacts in the Excel file. It would then go into the sheet and try to find the right column for each field. The excel sheet should have the right column heading for it to successfully find the right column for each field. You may manually change it if need be. To find out how the format of the Excel contact sheet should look like, you may click on the 'new' button and create a new entry in the contact list, then save it into an excel file. You may then open the Excel file to look at the format. 
 By clicking on the Heading of any column, the entries will be sorted in ascending or descending order of that column. 
 By clicking on the heading of the 'Birthday' Column, the entries will be sorted in ascending/descending order of Month and Date. This also is useful for Restaurant type of operation as it can be used to store reservation date instead of birthday so that all reservations on the same date will be listed together. 
 Sending SMS 
 Sending Single SMS 
 There are 3 ways of sending single SMS.  
 First, Select the 'Send SMS' on the context menu. 
 Second, clicking on row Header of the contact list, a window with the phone number of that contact will pop up. Just write your message in the 'message' box and click 'send' 
 Third, clicking on row Header of the Received list, a window with the phone number of that contact will pop up. Just write your message in the 'message' box and click 'send' 
 Sending Mass SMS 
 This is the most valuable function of this software. The first task is to select the group you want to send by checking box of the group on the group panel of the phone book window. Everyone in the group would then be displayed on the right panel.  
 You can also uncheck the box under 'send' heading and remove the particular entry from the sending list. (That is, this entry will not be included in the mass sending) Please note that if the Unsub box is checked, (Usually checked automatically when the recepient replid an 'UN' sms.) it will also be excluded. 
 However, you are allowed to manually uncheck it if you need to include the person in the list for some reasons. 
 Next, click on the 'Compose Msg' button on the tool bar and the window for composing message would pop up. 
 Composing Mass SMS 
 The tool strip above the message box has several useful buttons to help you compose your mass SMS. 
 The following is an example of SMS telling the receipient the relationship manager would come calling on the latest promotion.  
 By clicking the 'Insert name' button on the tool strip, %name% will be inserted as shown. This would be replaced by the name the customer 
 By clicking the 'Insert Remark5' button on the tool strip, name of the respective relationship manager would then be inserted before the SMS is sent. 
 Click on the Preview button to check that all SMSes are composed correctly. You may terminate the preview any time by clicking the cancel button. 
 You may now choose to send the SMS immeidately or schedule it for later date/time. When you are ready, click on the 'Compose' button and the list of SMSes would be composed and put into the out queue as shown in the panel above. You may note that the TimeStamp column shows the earliest time the SMS may be sent. (It may be delayed for reasons like the system is power off during the scheduled time, or many earlier SMSes to be sent and the system is running late on backlog) 
 Composing Brithday Messages 
 Birthday messages can be composed in a similar way like the mess SMS. You just need to click the radio button for 'birthday' and the message will be scheduled to be sent number of days before the birthday as indicated in the dropdown box following. '0' means the messgae will be sent on the actual day. You may choose the time it should be sent by selecting the time in the dropdown boxes that follow.  
 Birthday messages are scheduled to be sent on the next birthday. That is, if the birthday is already passed, it would be scheduled to be sent on Birthday next year. Contacts that do not have valid birthday entry will be skipped.  
 Composing Advertisement 
 To conform with the Anti-Spamming Regulation, you may click on the 'Advert' button on the tool strip and a template for sending SMS advertisement would appear.  
 Replace the {msg} with the contents of your advertisement and you are ready to send mass SMS to your potential customers. 
 Receiving SMS 
 Incoming SMS will be automatically received. When an SMS is received, a bubble will pop up from the system tray at the right botom coner of your screen. You may choose to disable it by turning 'SMS Notify' off in the context menu. 
 By clicking on the bubble before it disappear in three seconds, a window would pop up to show the whole message. However, you can click on the 'in queue' on the console window to see the list of in queue messages, and double-click on it to see the whole message. 
 All incoming SMSes will be inserted in log file specified in the setting. 
 Please note that all incoming messages are transferred to the 'Received SMS' list and deleted from the SIM card. This is to prevent 'memory full' condition of the SIM card. This condition would certainly appear if the SIM card is left in the GSM modem for prolonged period of time. It would prevent further incoming SMSes from coming in. 
 SMS Information Kiosk 
 The concept of SMS information kiosk is to set up a predefined set of questions to answer to any enquiry. 
 Click on the 'info kiosk' selection on the context menu and a window will pop up for you to enter questions and answers. 
 The examples you see in the diagram above is two pairs of questions and answers 
 Questions can be any string of alphanumeric words with no space in between. It would be the first word in the incoming enquiry SMS message from the customer. 
 The software would respond automatically to the SMS using the Answer provided. It is, therefore, important that the "question" should be easy to remember (by the customer) and not a common word that would appear as the first word of an incoming SMS.  
 The checkbox under the column 'mbr only' indicates that the software would only respond with the provided answer if the phone number of the incoming SMS in on the contact list. In this way, no answering SMS would be sent to an unknown number. 
 However, you may want to uncheck it if you are providing answers to on your operating hours etc to serve the general public 
 Similar to mass SMS, the answer can be personalized by inserting %name%, %DOB% and %Remark1% by clicking the respective 'Insert name', 'Insert birthday' and 'insert remark1' buttons on the tool strip during composition 
 The catch all question '*' 
 The above example showed a catch all question in the last entry. (It has to be the last entry. Otherwise, any questions after it will not be used since the catch all questions supercede any questions that follows. The catch all questions would respond to any in coming SMS with its answer. If the 'mbr' box is checked, it would only response to incoming SMS from the phone numbers in the contact list.  
 The automatically generated response to the respective query, which included personalized information from the contact list, are as follow: 
 Installation procedure 
 Step 1 : Installation of GSM Modem driver 
 Plug the supplied PROLINK 3.5G HSDPA GSM modem inserted with a valid SIM card into any USB port. The installation process would start automatically. Follow the insructions and install the driver and the software.  
 Click on the 'setup' as shown in the picture below 
 Select the 'System' on the menu on the left and uncheck the 'Auto Start when device is available' 
 You can now close the application. This is important as the serial port would then be available for the use of SMS server 
 Step 2 : Installation of SMS Premium Server 
 Open your browser and download the zip file from the URL as follow 
 Unzip the files into a folder and click on the setup.exe to initiate the setup with internet connected. 
 The program will launch upon completion of setup. 
 If a newer version is available, The program will ask if you would like to update your application. 
 Click 'install' to install the latest version 
 When the form opens up, click on 'Setting' and fill in the registration code given to you during the purchase 
 To find out the "Comport" that your GSM modem was installed, right click on 'my computer', select 'property' and look at the 'Device Manager'  
 Click open the 'Ports(COM & LPT), you would see 'PROLiNK NMEA Device', the COM Port number is stated there. In the case of the picutre above, it was 'COM9' 
 Finally, enter the PIN number of your inserted SIM card and click 'Go' 
 Please note that you have only 3 tries before your SIM card is locked up. If you receive 'PIN incorrect' consecutively for 2 times, please remove the SIM card, insert into the cell phone and key in the right PIN before proceeding. 
 Save the settings and you would be returned to the console window. Click on the 'Start' button'. If everything works well you should see the window with 'running' in the status line as follow and your installation is then completed. 
 You can launch the program again next time from the program menu under the folder 'Sparrow Business Systems and Services Pte Ltd' folder  
 To uninstall the program, please go to 'Control Panel'> 'Add and delete program' and uninstall 'SMS Premium'