Sparrow Business Systems and Services Pte Ltd was set up in 2011. We have three major product families, namely, Android Apps, SBSS SMS suite and the well tested, comprehensive and affordable Sparrow range of web based business applications for small and medium sized companies. Users now include companies in the retail and distribution industries.

Andoid Apps

We produce android apps for companies who want to have App presense in the over 25% smart phone users. For as low as $299, we can produce an app that would direct the users to your websites. This is particularly useful if you have web applications/transactions for users like banking, loans, blogs, news feed and online shopping site.
We also produce apps for companies to improve their productivity.
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SBSS SMS Servers

Individuals like real estate agents, insurance agents and Small and Medium size Enterprises are SMS enabled with our SBSS SMS server suite of products. Broadcasting personalised SMS and hosting a SMS information kiosk are no longer the priviledges of big companies with big budgets. Our SBSS SMS server uses a SMS gateway, that is no larger than a thumb drive, and our proprietary software will turn your notebook or home computer into a powerful SMS machine.

Sparrow suites of software

Using Sparrow software packages as the platform, we provide highly customized solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers.  Our software solutions are all designed based on SQL database and hosted on web server so as to ensure future growth of our customers.

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